Wyoming company formation benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Wyoming? As one of the premier US states for company formation, here’s why it’s worth having a look. One of the perks of forming a company in Wyoming is that it has low startup costs. There is also no need to apply for a business licence that may be the case in other comparable business-friendly jurisdictions in the United States.  

What are the other benefits of company formation in Wyoming?

An advantage Wyoming has over other business-friendly US states is that you can transfer an already-existing LLC from another state to Wyoming. Wyoming also does not place a limit on the number of owners an LLC has, with the only exception being that an S-Corporation that has a cap of 100 owners. Finally, there are no corporate taxes, making it extremely comfortable to establish and operate. 

wyoming company formation benefits

The benefits of Wyoming company formation are:

  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No need for US citizen owners/shareholders
  • No need to file financial statements or accounts
  • Fully guaranteed company confidentiality
  • Affordable filing fees
  • Can transfer an already-existing LLC to Wyoming
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