United States company formation benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in the United States? One of the hallmarks is that businesses with non-resident owners have the same rights as those enterprises owned by US residents. These businesses have the same access to government incentives on a federal, state and local level, promoting the United States as open for business. 

What are some other benefits to company formation in the United States?

As the world’s largest economy, its status as a wealthy country bodes well for a potential market with a wide array of potential customers and segments. Other benefits afforded to enterprises in the United States are its stellar Intellectual Property (IP) protections. With more than one million trademark or patent applications a year, the US Patent Office takes care to strictly manage those requests, so you can ensure your ideas have the strongest protection from copyright infringement.  

united-states company formation benefits

The benefits of United States company formation are:

  • Non-resident businesses have the same rights as foreign businesses
  • Intellectual property protections
  • Access to business incentives from all levels of government 
  • A stable political system that makes it one of the easiest countries to do business
  • Favourable opportunities for foreigners to invest in assets even as non-residents
  • A large population that leads to a large potential market
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