Delaware Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Delaware? It is one of the US states that is the most popular and attractive for company formation. That’s because there are no citizenship or residency requirements, except for “S” corporations that require a US citizen or permanent resident owner. If you submit all documentation, the company formation process in Delaware takes about four days.

What are some of the other benefits of Delaware company formation? 

If your company does not do any business inside the state of Delaware, you will not be liable for any Delaware state business taxes. The Delaware LLC Act offers protection to owners’ personal assets from their business creditors, giving it a robust competitive advantage over the other 49 states in the union. They also have the most business-friendly laws in the country, making it the choice of incorporation for some of the country’s most renowned corporations.

delaware company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Delaware are:

  • No in-state trading requirements
  • No office requirement
  • No state business taxes
  • High level of corporate anonymity
  • Favourable fee structure
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