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Programs for granting second citizenship and second passport in return for the investments exist in many countries worldwide.

The growth in the number of government programs has been significant as they compete to attract significant inward investment from entrepreneurs and investors. Second citizenship thus involves the safekeeping of a second home, which can be resorted to for vacation time, safety from political, social or economic instability, and a different way of life.

Expressions of interest come from people of all walks of life – young married couples, single individuals, retirees, professionals, expats, investors and executives who are willing to make the financial contribution required for applying for the economic citizenship and citizenship-by-investment programs that we offer.

Our team at Europe Emirates Group have met with hundreds of successful applicant’s and their families and it is always fascinating to hear their personal background and to understand the reasons why they have sought to secure an alternative citizenship.

Their reasons are varied, as is their geographic, and include some of the following:

Independence – The ability to travel or have the option to relocate at any time

Security – A guarantee of a permanent alternative place to go and a permanent right to reside

Visa Waivers – Provides access to countries without the need for time consuming visa application processes

Quality of Life – This can mean different things to different people with climate, personal security, clean environment, healthcare and transport being just some of the determining factors

Retirement – The freedom to retire in a safe country without worrying about changing immigration laws to support retirement planning

Investment – An alternate citizenship can afford easier access and familiarity with some attractive investment locations and opportunities that may not have been previously considered

Education – Citizenship of certain countries can provide access to some of the best educational institutions in the world for family members

Protection – The ability to move freely when some nationals may be exposed to threat, hostility and criminal activity

Estate Planning – Citizenship can be a determining factor in most double tax treaties

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