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    Europe Emirates Group can help you start your business in Switzerland

    Company formation in Switzerland is in the Sarl/GmbH limited liability company format with no restrictions on foreign ownership of companies. The registration process takes approximately two weeks.

    To incorporate in Switzerland, one of the directors must be a resident, two people are required to start a business, and there is a minimum share capital requirement for start-up.


    The company name has to be approved by the commercial register. Once approved, the director(s) and shareholder(s) must submit their personal information to the authorities. This includes their names, dates of birth and, for the director, their address and nationality. Proof of identity can be established with approved photographic ID.

    Stamp duty must be paid, and the company must register with both the Social Security Authority and the local tax authorities. Switzerland requires that a registered office is established but annual meetings don’t have to be held in the country.


    A resident director is mandated but need not to be a Swiss citizen and there are no nationality restrictions for shareholders. Nominee shareholders are also permitted.

    Initial details regarding the company must be handed over to the Commercial Register but following initial publication, it is not necessary to disclose the sale of shares for public record.


    Record-keeping requirements dictate that the Swiss resident keeps tax returns. An annual audit is not required, however any bank that has company accounts needs to have information about the beneficiaries of the company.

    The public deed for the company includes the voting rights of shareholders, the share capital, the purpose of the company, the number of shares, types and contributions and the calling of shareholder meetings.

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