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    Europe Emirates Group can help you start your business in Slovakia

    Slovakia company formation takes the form of an SRO limited liability structure and two working weeks is the usual period allocated for registration.

    Only one person is required to initiate the process and shareholders can be corporate bodies or individuals. The liability of the shareholders is dependent upon the amount of capital they have invested in the company. A maximum of 50 shareholders is allowed.


    The proposed company name needs to be approved prior to beginning the registration process. To establish the identities of the people within the corporation, the director(s) must provide their full name, address, nationality and birthdate, while shareholders need only supply their full names and addresses. Proof of residency through submission of a recent bank statement or utility bill is also required.


    The company must declare its principal activity and any holdings and also disclose how much capital has been invested, and how many shares each shareholder currently holds.

    If one of the directors is not a resident of the EU or OECD, they will be approved by the authorities, and the same stipulation applies to shareholders. A registered office must be set up. There is a requirement that the minutes of the meeting where the first directors were appointed and the Articles of Association and Statutes that apply to the company are submitted.


    Slovakia does not require that corporations contribute to public healthcare or social security from their profits. It offers a low tax rate on profits and allows the separation of private and company assets. Company formation expenses include an initial fee and annual renewal fee.

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