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    Europe Emirates Group can help you start your business in Malta

    Company formation in Malta falls under an International Holding Company format and requires a sole director, of any nationality, who can also be a corporation. The same rules apply to shareholders. In Malta, shareholder information is publicly available. Incorporation generally takes one working week.

    Proof of director identity must be submitted, with appropriate photographic ID as well as utility bill or bank statements no older than three months.


    The company must establish its purpose and business activity and this will become part of the Memorandum of Association. If the company only has one member, it can only be a private limited liability company.

    The next step is to contact the local registrar and other authorities, and the company structured. The Memorandum and Articles are submitted to the Malta Financial Services Authority. Publication in the official Journal is required and a tax registration number must be obtained by the company.


    Shareholders who are not Malta residents can obtain a full refund on any taxes on profits or gains that they pay at the time that the company’s profits are distributed.

    An approved qualified secretary should be appointed to keep the company’s statutory books and there must be a registered local office.


    Incorporation documentation is sent to the Maltese Registrar of Companies and there is no requirement that records be locally maintained, but a Register of Directors and Register of Shareholders is required.

    In Malta, there is no withholding tax for distributed dividends and there is a low tax rate on royalties and interest. International Holding Companies can also keep shares and receive royalties from other companies. The Inland Revenue Department requires annual audited accounts to be submitted.

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