Turkey Company Formation FAQs

Nominee shareholders are not permitted in Turkey. 

Turkey has a citizenship by investment scheme that offers three options for immediate citizenship. You can either deposit $US 500,000 into a bank account and hold it for three years or hold government bonds. You can make a foreign direct investment into a business for $US 500,000, invest in real estate or property for $US 250,000 or create 50 jobs. You can hold a second passport and enjoy visa-free travel to 114 countries.

The shareholders in a Turkish company can either be locals or foreigners. 

The Turkish government has an Investor Incentive Certificate (IIC) that grants you an exemption on VAT and customs duties, support for social security premiums and interest rates, VAT refunds, support for land allocation and withholding taxes and reduced taxes. 

Non-resident bank accounts in Turkey are permitted. 

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