Switzerland Company Formation Requirements

What are the requirements for company formation in Switzerland? There must be at least two people to start a business and incorporate it in Switzerland. One of the directors must be a resident, but that person does not need to be a Swiss citizen. As for shareholders, there are no nationality restrictions, and you may have nominee shareholders.  

What are the other requirements for company formation in Switzerland? 

The commercial register must approve the company name. Once approved, the director(s) and shareholder(s) must submit their personal information to the authorities. You must pay the stamp duty and register the company with both the Social Security Authority and the local tax authorities. Switzerland requires the establishment of a registered office but does not require you to hold annual meetings in Switzerland. 

switzerland company formation requirements

The requirements for company formation in Switzerland are:

  • Notarized deed of incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Submit initial company details to the Commercial Register
  • Declarations of acceptance from the initial board members and auditors
  • Board resolution confirming the formation of your board of directors and shareholders
  • Tax returns if you are a Swiss resident
  • Passport and proof of address for the Swiss resident director
  • Certificate of share capital deposit from a Swiss bank 
  • Passport copies, bank statements and recent proof of address for all foreign individual directors and shareholders
  • Your bank in Switzerland will need information about the beneficiaries of that account
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