Switzerland Company Formation FAQs

It’s possible to appoint nominee directors and shareholders in Switzerland for more privacy. You can also issue bearer shares. 

If you are an EU or EEA citizen, you must apply for a B permit to open a business in Switzerland. This permit has a validity of five years. Non-EU citizens have to apply for a C permit to register as self-employed in Switzerland. The C permit visa is valid for a year and then you would need to pass a labour exam to renew it. 

Foreigners can own all shares in a company registered in Switzerland. 

Each canton and commune in Switzerland offers an individual set of tax incentives to attract new enterprises to their region. The corporate tax burden in Switzerland varies across the cantons and can be anywhere from 12 to 25%. It’s also possible to get dividend and capital gain participation relief. Foreign companies that meet criteria set by the federal government can also access government incentives. 

Offshore bank accounts in Switzerland offer a high level of confidentiality. There are options for both corporate and personal accounts. Switzerland has a storied reputation for being one of the world’s premier offshore financial service hubs. 

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