Switzerland company formation benefits

What are the company formation benefits in Switzerland? Switzerland is a highly desirable company formation jurisdiction for a plethora of reasons. They include the ability for foreigners to own all shares, the fact that shareholder names are not on the Public Registry and that you can also enlist nominee director and shareholder services to further preserve your anonymity as a company owner. 

What are some other Switzerland company formation benefits? 

The incorporation process in Switzerland takes no more than two weeks, and each of the cantons or communes offer tax incentives to compete for new business. The federal government also offers a select number of these for foreign companies meeting specific requirements. The tax burden ranges from 12 to 25% across the cantons and you can access participation relief for capital gains and dividends.

switzerland company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Switzerland are:

  • Foreigners can own all shares
  • Shareholder names are not on the Public Registry
  • Nominee director and shareholder services are available
  • Tax incentives are available from the cantons and communes
  • Tax burden depends on the area but ranges between 12 and 25%
  • Participation relief for capital gains and dividends is available
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