Slovakia company formation benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Slovakia? Full foreign ownership of shares in the Slovakian equivalent of an LLC (S.R.O.) is permitted. Slovakia also allows for Nominee Director services.  Slovakia is also an ideal choice for enterprises in the automotive sector. Volkswagen, Kia and PSA already have plants in the country and universities are known to have very close relationships with the manufacturing industry, helping to provide well-skilled labour. 

What are some other Slovakia company formation benefits?

Every shareholder in a Slovakia-based company has to contribute a small starting capital. The S.R.O. is perpetual and does not dissolve if one of the major shareholders decides to withdraw. There is also a reduced corporate tax rate of 15% if your company’s annual valuation is no more than €100,000. The Slovakian government offers government incentives for projects in select sectors. 

slovakia company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Slovakia are:

  • Full ownership of the entity is allowed
  • S.R.O. has a perpetual lifespan
  • Especially attractive for the automotive sector - home to manufacturing plants for Kia, Volkswagen and PSA
  • Nominee Director services are also permitted for extra privacy
  • Reduced corporate tax rate of 15% if your company’s annual value is under €100,000
  • Low starting capital requirement
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