Romania Company Formation Requirements

What are the requirements for company formation in Romania? You must have one director and shareholder, and that must be one person. Romanian law allows for a maximum of 50 shareholders who can be people or corporations. The law requires the company’s owners to incorporate it while physically in Romania and to have an agent and registered address.

Here are the other parts of the Romania company formation requirements you need to know

The company formation process includes a notary visit, delivering documentation to the Company Register, collecting the approved documents and opening a bank account (this step requires the owners to be present). While you must have a physical office address, you do not need a locally appointed secretary.

The Romania company formation requirements are:

  • In-person incorporation
  • Registered Agent
  • Issue share certificates
  • Registered address
  • Photo identification and proof of residency via utility bills or recent bank statements of company directors
  • VAT number
  • Proposed names and significant business activities to the Trade Register Office
  • Annual licence and renewal fees
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