Romania Company Formation FAQs

Romania does not include nominee directors or shareholders in its corporate legal structure. 

There are two residency options available. You can receive a temporary residency permit if you invest a minimum of €100,000 in an LLC that creates at least 10 new jobs or €150,000 in a joint-stock company that creates 15 new positions. For permanent residency, you can invest €1,000,000 in a venture that creates 1000 new jobs along with fulfiling other requirements. After that, you would need to be living continuously in Romania. Should you want citizenship, you can cut down your wait time to only four years if you invest at least €1,000,000 in Romania. Should you be gone from Romania for more than six months out of a year that time will not count in your eligibility calculation. 

Foreigners can own a Romanian LLC in its entirety.

While Romania has a 16% corporate tax rate on profits, companies with a turnover below €100,000 and less than 10 employees can pay a corporate tax rate of only 3%. Romania also has six free trade zones that are attractive to companies in manufacturing, exports and logistics. 

It is possible for non-residents to open bank accounts in Romania.

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