Romania company formation benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Romania? Romania applies a uniform corporate tax rate on 16% of earnings. However, for corporations with less than 10 employees and an annual turnover under €100,000, the corporate tax rate is even lower at 3%. Romania also benefits from low maintenance costs, as well as low costs when it comes to carrying out the incorporation process.

What are some other Romania company formation benefits? 

As a member of the European Union, Romania grants you access to the single market and the other benefits that operating in the EU entails. You can have your limited liability corporation, or LLC, in Romania approved in three business days. The names of shareholders do not appear on any Romanian public records, offering anonymity. The LLC can also have full foreign ownership.  

romania company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Romania are:

  • Standard corporate tax rate of 16%
  • Full foreign ownership permitted 
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Incorporation process takes three working days 
  • Companies with turnover of €100,000 or less and fewer than ten employees have a corporate tax rate of 3%
  • Shareholder names are not on the public register
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