Portugal Company Formation FAQs

While there are no restrictions on appointing them, nominee directors are scarce in Portugal.

The Portugal Golden Visa scheme allows for you to receive a long-term Schengen visa as long as it satisfies a specific set of conditions. The minimum investment in Lisbon is €500,000 while it is €350,000 in other locations around Portugal. You have to stay in Portugal for at least seven days for the first year or 14 days for the second year, and then after five years, you can receive permanent resident status. 

Foreigners can own all the shares in a Portuguese company. 

Some of the tax benefits Portugal offers are a reduced corporate tax rate on up to €15,000 of profits for companies that have less than €50,000,000 in earnings. Businesses can forward their losses for up to 12 years and claim up to 70% of their annual income in the form of a tax rebate during the annual fiscal period. The country also offers tax credits if you’re working in Research and Development (R&D). 

There are bank accounts that are open to foreigners in Portugal, while the required documents will depend on whether you’re an EU citizen or non-EU citizen. 

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