Poland Company Formation Requirements

What are the requirements for company formation in Poland? Poland requires you to have one shareholder and director, and that person can be an individual or corporation from any country or place of residence. Your board cannot include corporations. You must establish a local registered office, and there is a minimum share capital requirement for Poland company formation.

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The company name has to be searched and approved with various suffixes available and you will receive a unique REGON for your entity before company registration. The Tax Office provides a VAT number and you must complete tax registration within 20 days of incorporation, and renewal fees apply. The company must register with the social security institute in Poland within seven days of becoming operational.

The Poland company formation requirements are:

  • Monthly tax reports
  • Register with social security institute 
  • Annual tax filings for the tax office and courts
  • Receipt of REGON number
  • Maintenance of a Register of Shareholders and Register of Directors
  • Renewal fees
  • Register with the Tax Office within 20 days of incorporation 
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