Poland Company Formation FAQs

You can find nominee services available in Poland. 

You can apply for an investor visa for investing at least €100,000 in any Polish commercial entity that creates jobs. You can acquire permanent residency five years after receiving your investor visa and living in Poland consecutively. You can then obtain Polish nationality after ten years while maintaining your other passport. You can also apply for a residency permit for owning and operating a business in Poland. 

Foreigners can establish a Polish company.

One of the benefits of setting up a company in Poland is that you can repatriate all of your products and capital. While the corporate tax rate is normally 19%, some smaller companies can qualify for a 15% corporate tax rate. That qualifies for companies with a turnover of under €1.2 million that also have an income to revenue ratio that is under 33%. Taxpayers can also choose the start and end dates of their fiscal year for maximum flexibility. Other appealing programmes for tax optimisation include the Innovation Box that allows corporations involved in Intellectual Property (IP) Research and Development (R&D) to enjoy a 5% income tax. The Polish Investment Zone law allows companies to apply for a corporate income tax exemption on any new investments. 

It’s possible for non-residents to open a bank account in Poland for either corporate or private banking services. The requirements will differing based on the specific bank.

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