Poland company formation benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Poland? Poland’s online registration process is fast, letting you incorporate your entity in one working day. There is a range of grants and tax incentives you can access depending on several aspects, such as the region where you will be based. Due to many factors, Poland is also a very cost-effective jurisdiction in a plethora of sectors. Additionally, it has four ports on the Baltic Sea, boosting logistics options. 

What are some other benefits of company formation in Poland?

Poland has the second-highest number of manufacturers in Europe, and as a result, Poland is known as a hub for outsourced manufacturing. Poland also has a robust ICT sector with firms concentrated in Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. In fact, the Wroclaw Technological Park is home to a number of technology and accounting firms such as Capgemini and Google.  

poland company formation benefits

The benefits of Poland company formation are:

  • Registration process that takes only one working day
  • Variety of available grants and tax incentives 
  • Home to the second-largest number of manufacturers in Europe
  • Cost-effectiveness in a variety of sectors
  • Geographic location that gives you access to critical Central and Eastern European markets
  • Hub for ICT and outsourced accounting firms 
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