Malta Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of Malta company formation? As a European Union member, Malta offers significant benefits. There is no withholding tax for distributed dividends. Plus, Malta offers low tax rates on both interest and royalties. If you conduct your business activities outside Malta, you are not required to pay any corporate taxes. You also do not pay any taxes on dividends from foreign subsidiaries.

What are some other Malta company formation benefits?

There are numerous benefits to incorporating in Malta. They include not having any wealth taxes, payroll taxes, trade-based taxes or exit taxes. There are also no transfer pricing rules, making it advantageous for those corporations with subsidiaries in multiple markets looking to lower their tax burden. Finally, there are no capital gains taxes as long as the assets do not include real estate. 

malta company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Malta are:

  • No taxes on dividends from foreign affiliates as long as you properly structure your entity
  • No need to apply for a licence to carry out business activities
  • No capital gains taxes provided the assets do not include real estate in Malta
  • No corporate taxes on operations outside Malta
  • Numerous attractive investment schemes to incentivise incorporation
  • No transfer pricing regulations
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