Luxembourg Company Formation Requirements

The Luxembourg company formation requirements stipulate you must have a unique business name. You must then deposit the minimum share capital amount that varies by bank. You need one director who can reside anywhere but an EU resident is recommended for ease of business licence processing. Director names do not appear on public records. 

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Additionally, companies in Luxembourg only need to have one shareholder, who may be from any nationality. Corporations can serve as shareholders, and nominee shareholders are permitted. You must perform the incorporation process in the presence of a notary. If the shareholders are not able to attend the incorporation meeting, you may grant a power of attorney. 

The requirements for company formation in Luxembourg are:

  • A notary, who helps prepare the articles of Association and deals with all authority requirements
  • Articles of Association
  • Financial Accounts Manager to present your accounts at company meetings 
  • Payment of taxes to the Luxembourg tax authorities 
  • Maximum of 40 shareholders and entities with fewer than 25 shareholders do not need to hold annual meetings
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