Luxembourg Company Formation FAQs

You may enlist the help of nominee services in Luxembourg in your company formation process.

There is a residence permit for investors not from EU countries if they either invest in future or current Luxembourg entities, a management structure or make a sizeable deposit into a financial institution. The minimum amount depends on the category and you must hold that investment for a stipulated number of years. 

Foreigners can own the entirety of shares in a Luxembourg-based company.

With an economic policy that fosters investment, the country’s favourable tax regime makes it ideal for forming special purpose vehicles. Plus, there are no royalty or interest taxes for entities in Luxembourg, as well as government incentives that help SMEs and special projects. The preferential taxation not only attracts firms involved in investment funds and insurance companies but cruise ship operators have also registered there. The country is a signatory of dozens of double-taxation agreements. 

The offshore finance sector in Luxembourg has benefitted from people moving money out of Switzerland in favour of banking there. There are no withholding taxes on European bonds and that has made Luxembourg’s brokerage and banking services appealing. Luxembourg’s banking industry also stands out for a high level of customer service that makes putting your money there worthwhile for many businessmen and investors.  Please note that there is no explicit allusion to the term “offshore company” in Luxembourg’s corporate legislation. 

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