Liechtenstein company formation benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Liechtenstein? Its banking sector is one of the world’s most stable making the principality attractive for company formation and financial services. It is especially well-known for offshore companies given that its corporate legislation only permits foreigners to establish an entity in Liechtenstein with this format - with a foreign representative office and resident director. 

What are some other Liechtenstein company formation benefits? 

Liechtenstein does not tax corporate or personal income for any business activities performed outside its borders. For all business activities inside its territory, it charges a flat corporate tax rate of 12.5% with the minimum amount being 1,200 CHF.  There is also no capital gains tax in Liechtenstein. The banking sector prides itself on a high level of confidentiality. 

liechtenstein company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Liechtenstein are:

  • No corporate or income tax for any business activities outside Liechtenstein’s borders
  • Corporate tax rate of 12.5% for all business performed in Liechtenstein
  • High level of client confidentiality in banking and finance
  • Economic and political stability that lends itself to a robust business-friendly economic environment
  • Known for high quality corporate legal structures
  • No capital gains tax
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