Greece Company Formation Requirements

What are the company formation requirements in Greece? After you register the name with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, you have to get approval for the office space registration, taxes and government approval for your corporate statutes. There are no restrictions on director nationality but regulatory requirements make it preferable to have a Greek resident. 

What are the other parts of the company formation requirements in Greece? 

If one person owns the company on their own, the company name will reflect the trade name and be deemed a sole establishment. Single owner companies must have contracts that are not operational transactions signed by the owner and recorded in company minutes. You must deposit your startup capital into a bank account prior to incorporation.

The requirements for company formation in Greece are: 

  • Publication of the Articles of Incorporation in the official Printing Office Journal
  • The Articles of Incorporation that are signed in front of a notary public. 
  • Registration of Articles of Incorporation at the Court of First Instance and registration number 
  • Completion of registration at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry and social security authorities
  • The payment of the capital tax to the Tax Authority in exchange for a stamp from the Lawyer’s Pension Fund
  • Certification of payment of the capital tax
  • Stamping of your invoice and company account books by the Tax Authority who will stamp the invoice upon receipt of your Tax Registration Number
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