Greece Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Greece? As a member of the European Union, Greece has benefitted from EU funding and its many infrastructure upgrade projects. One of its most robust sectors is shipping, which is responsible for about seven per cent of Greece’s gross domestic product (GDP).  It is also the largest owner of shipping vessels on the European continent.

What are some other Greece company formation benefits?

In terms of its benefits for company formation, Greece is appealing for the fact that its real estate prices are low, granting you great value for your money. There is also a permanent residency programme for foreign investors who purchase property worth at least €250,000. Finally, there are government incentives available for certain projects in the mining and tourism sectors. 

greece company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Greece are:

  • Low labour costs with a highly-qualified pool of human capital
  • Low real estate prices
  • Robust shipping sector responsible for around 7% of Greek GDP
  • Major hub for mineral imports and exports
  • Permanent residency scheme for third-country real estate investors that purchase property worth €250,000 or more
  • Large tourism industry  
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