Gibraltar Company Formation FAQs

Nominee services are allowed in Gibraltar. 

There are two residency schemes in Gibraltar that attract high net worth individuals (called Category 2) and executives that have a professional qualification that demonstrates special business skills (HEPSS). Please note that for non-residency companies to not pay tax, one of the conditions is that the owners of the IBC not be residents of Gibraltar. 

Non-resident companies in Gibraltar can be owned by non-Gibraltarian residents. 

If you conduct all your business outside Gibraltar, you will not have to pay any tax. The other conditions are that nonresidents should own the company and that you should hold all company meetings outside Gibraltar. Should your non-resident company satisfy all of these requirements, you will be eligible for paying any tax. Gibraltar has not signed any double-taxation treaties, and as a result, they will not share any information to another tax authority but you should remain compliant with the tax regulations for your country of origin. 

Gibraltar has been an offshore financial centre since 1967, and its storied history has parlayed the sector into one with a 21-32% share of the Gibraltarian economy. Many of the banks offering offshore services are branches of premier global banks. However, it is recommended for Gibraltar companies to have the bank account outside of Gibraltar to not pay taxes. 

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