Gibraltar Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Gibraltar? This British Overseas Territory has long been an ideal jurisdiction for setting up offshore enterprises. Gibraltar charges a low corporate tax rate of just 10% for activities inside Gibraltar, while not taxing any activity undertaken outside the territory. Gibraltar does not apply VAT, nor sales tax, making it competitive. It also benefits from a Common Law legal system. 

What are some other Gibraltar company formation benefits? 

The popular Gibraltar non-resident company format allows you to benefit from a legal structure that permits companies operating outside Gibraltar to not pay tax, even if they hold a local bank account. Gibraltarian corporate legislation allows for this. There is no required physical presence in Gibraltar which grants maximum flexibility. Finally, its proximity to Europe and North Africa is another boon. 

gibraltar company formation benefits

The benefits of Gibraltar company formation are:

  • No corporate tax if you conduct all your business outside Gibraltar
  • Offshore companies are granted tax-exempt status
  • Non-resident companies pay a low annual renewal fee
  • Offshore sector has been in existence since 1967, granting it a storied legacy
  • Strategic location close to Europe and North Africa 
  • Long history of tax exemptions making it highly efficient to run your enterprise
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