France Company Formation Requirements

If you would like to register a SARL (Private Limited Liability Company) in France, you must submit the company name for approval along with a declaration of company business intent. There must be at least one director, who can be from any country and hold any citizenship. Every shareholder must declare their held percentage, and there’s a minimum share capital requirement.

What else do you need to satisfy the company formation requirements in France?

You must provide proof of capital requirements in the corporate bank account and disclose annual financial statements. Upon filing all documents, you must register with the tax authorities, appoint your director and provide meeting minutes along with the issuance of any shares. 

The France company formation requirements include:

  • The names of one director and their spouse, along with photo identification
  • The names and photo identification of two shareholders
  • A criminal background check translated into French by a government-certified translator for those non-EU individuals or companies
  • A copy of the agreement between the landlord and the company authorising that the company is using the address as the official business address
  • The names and photo identification of director spouses are also required
  • Documents filed with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (“CFE”)
  • Payment of registration fee and stamp duty
  • Registration with the  tax authority 
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