France Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in France? France has the second-largest consumer market in Europe, along with the world’s largest tourism market. Together with this large customer base, France boasts the highest rate of financial advisors per client in the region, making managing your enterprise more efficient. Ready-made companies are also available in France. 

What are some other France company formation benefits? 

The government in France offers low-cost trade credit insurance for all resident corporations covering up 100% of export value for companies whose turnovers are less than €150 million, and up to 95% for those with higher turnovers. There are no foreign capital or import restrictions in France. Additionally, there are few company formation restrictions in France, except for select sectors, such as insurance and banking.

france company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in France are:

  • Second-largest customer base in Europe
  • World’s most-visited tourism destination 
  • Highest rate of financial advisors per client
  • No restrictions on foreign capital or imports
  • Variety of incentives and assistance available for new businesses
  • Lower corporate tax rates that can apply to SMEs and new entities
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