Denmark Company Formation Requirements

The company formation requirements in Denmark stipulate that the enterprise has to submit the name of a director, along with their address, nationality and other information. Denmark company formation procedures only require one director, and directors and shareholders may need to be residents of Denmark. The capital requirements before formation are minimal.

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The shares in the company have to come with voting rights that satisfy Danish norms. Once formed, you must hold an annual shareholders meeting and there is a limit to how many foreigners the Danish government will permit you to have on the Board of Directors and Management. 

The document requirements for company formation in Denmark are:

  • Information about the type of entity, its capital and activities 
  • Name of the board of directors, the period of the first general meeting and share capital
  • Information about the business type, activity and capital   
  • Registration with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
  • Central Business Registration (“CVR”) identifier number 
  • Registration of your first corporate account with the Danish authorities 
  • Registration of managing board with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency should you choose to also have a managing board 
  • A formation agreement signed by all shareholders that indicates the company’s name, business activities and its address
  • Registered office inside Danish territory
  • Declaration of policies for your entity’s signatories 
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