Czech Republic Company Formation FAQs

You may have nominee services for companies in the Czech Republic. 

When it comes to starting a business in the Czech Republic, founders can apply for a two-year business visa. After living in the Czech Republic for five years, you can subsequently apply for permanent residency. If relatives or friends locate to the Czech Republic, you can employ them in your entity.

There is no need to have a Czech shareholder or partner in your enterprise.

The corporate tax rate is set at 19%. The income of some investment funds is subject to a 5% tax while pension funds are not taxed. Czech resident companies must be taxed on their worldwide profits while non-resident entities are taxed on their income in the Czech Republic. 

One of the best European jurisdictions for opening an offshore bank account is the Czech Republic. There’s no required minimum deposit amount nor ongoing balance you must maintain. Additionally, there’s no need to travel there to open the account. 

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