Cyprus Company Formation FAQs

Cypriot company legislation allows you to use nominee directors or shareholders. 

Cyprus offers both a permanent residency scheme by investment as well as citizenship by investment. An investment in real estate is part of the scheme, and for citizenship by investment, you would have to pay additional fees. Real estate investments of €300,000 or more qualify you for the permanent residency by investment scheme, while you must invest at least €2 million for citizenship. 

Every private company in Cyprus with 100% foreign ownership is considered an offshore company. There is no different tax treatment between offshore companies based in Cyprus and local Cypriot entities.

With more than 60 double-taxation treaties, Cyprus offers an attractive company setup regime. As well as having the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union (12.5%), you will not be subject to paying a tax on disposing securities. 

Offshore bank accounts are legal in Cyprus. These accounts have enhanced protections for the personal details of the account holders, as well as opening the account remotely. 

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