Bulgaria Company Formation Requirements

The only company formation procedure in Bulgaria that has specific requirements is when you choose to create a joint-stock company. As such, anyone forming a corporation in Bulgaria, whether it be a foreigner or Bulgarian, will be treated the same under the Bulgarian corporate legal framework. 

What other components are part of the requirements for Bulgaria company formation?

Bulgaria company formation stipulates that there are minimum share capital requirements when you file to incorporate. You will have to present proof that you paid the required share capital. You can opt for individual or corporate shareholders, and the director can also hold shares. There must be at least one shareholder meeting a year, and there are minimal required documents. 

bulgaria company formation requirements

The Bulgaria company formation requirements are: 

  • The Memorandum or Articles of Association
  • Hold a constituent assembly
  • Sign a constituent instrument
  • Appoint a manager
  • Authorise the entity’s capital
  • Submit an application to the Commercial Register
  • Information for the Board of Directors, or a Director that will be filed in the commercial registrar and State Gazette
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