Bulgaria Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Bulgaria? You can grant a Bulgarian lawyer Power of Attorney to carry out the company formation process without you travelling to the country. Bulgaria also charges the lowest dividend tax in the European Union, just five per cent, and has the lowest contributions to Social Security in the bloc. There is also only a minimum founding share capital of €1. 

What are some other Bulgaria company formation benefits?

Bulgaria benefits from a flat tax rate of 10 per cent for both personal and corporate income taxes. Along with the lowest tax rate in Europe, Bulgarian government policy focuses on crafting an optimal business client for foreign investors. Bulgaria has the lowest business costs in Europe, all while benefitting from a highly-qualified labour pool. Its currency is also pegged to the Euro. 

bulgaria company formation benefits

The benefits of company formation in Bulgaria are:

  • Able to carry out the process by singing a Power of Attorney with a Bulgarian lawyer
  • Flat tax rate of 10% for both corporate and personal income taxes 
  • Lowest dividend tax rate in the European Union of only 5%
  • Minimum founding share capital of €1
  • Lowest human capital and service costs in Europe offering cost-effective management of your entity
  • Local currency is pegged to the Euro
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