Would You Trust a Corporate Services Provider Only On Price?

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When we think about the critical factors that come into a purchasing decision, the price inevitably arises. Whether we're buying food, a Rolex or a home, there's no escaping this factor. However, there's so much more than the number on the price tag within a value proposition. But let's think about when we're not consumers, but instead as entrepreneurs or businesspeople. When making decisions about who you trust to guide you in a wealth of critical activities as you establish your entity, many things enter the equation. Choosing the right Corporate Services Provider is no exception. Should price be the ultimate criteria when deciding the best provider for your corporate services needs in the UAE? We'll explain why you should look beyond price. 

But first, what is a corporate services provider?

As the name implies, a Corporate Services Provider is a firm that sells corporate services to other entities that need them. What might fall under the corporate services umbrella? These operational and administrative activities are processes that every enterprise needs to run effectively without any problems. They can range from information technology, legal issues, human resources, finance and accounting. 

A list of services that Corporate Services Providers cover

While many firms overlap across a jurisdiction, our suite of corporate services touches some of the world's most reputable tax-free or low-tax corporate destinations in the case of Europe Emirates Group. Along with company formation in those markets we cover, we also address the pressing needs that our clients have once they acquire the licence and other pertinent paperwork. What are they? They include:

  • Banking Introduction & Assistance

  • Virtual Office

  • Company Renewal

  • Accounting and Auditing Services

  • Will & Business Continuation Services

  • Tax Residency Services

  • Company Liquidation Services


Why should you think beyond price when choosing a Corporate Services Provider? 

When you look at some of the largest corporate services provider names in the industry, you must have a closer look at the fine print for each of these entities in terms of their business approach. Do you have to know the exact structure you need in what jurisdiction? Or, what if you're seeking a corporate service provider to establish yourself in a Free Zone in the UAE, but have no idea which of the dozens throughout the country best suits your business context, goals, and of course, budget? 

No matter your business's size and where your international expansion plans take you, comprehensive consulting and advising are crucial added-value components you should expect as you secure your company licence from a corporate services provider. We recommend working with a seasoned partner like Europe Emirates Group that has critical knowledge regarding corporate regulations, governance and financial compliance not only in one market but in several for a more informed decision. While our speciality is in the United Arab Emirates, more specifically Dubai, we work in over 60 jurisdictions worldwide. 

Plus, a business is a living entity that does not remain stagnant. There may be events that could cause changes to your initial structure with increased regulatory steps to consider. You may decide to pivot through expanding your offerings or even moving to a new place. A corporate services provider that provides continual advisory services that give you the skills to optimise your structure best is well worth the initial investment in selecting the ideal partner. 


Would you like a list of what we can offer you as your Corporate Services Provider?

Europe Emirates Group has over 20 years of experience in the corporate services sector, bringing our expertise to clients focusing on compliance, a globally-aware and knowledgeable staff and a framework for lasting relationships. We take care of the entire corporate lifecycle from formation to management and even winding up if you ever reach that point. If you are looking to get started on your company formation journey, schedule your initial consultation with us today. 


Written by
Adrian Oton
Adrian Oton

CEO, Europe Emirates Group 

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