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Most onshore countries have provisions within their tax legislation whereby any company, no matter where it is incorporated, which is managed or controlled from within their jurisdiction, will be a tax resident there and taxable on its worldwide income at local rates.

For example, any offshore company which had UK based directors would be tax resident in the UK and subject to UK tax on its worldwide income. Failure by the directors to declare the liability of the offshore company to UK tax would be an offence with potentially very serious consequences.

Most other onshore countries have similar provisions within their tax legislation, so it will rarely be advisable for onshore resident clients to act as the directors of an offshore company.

We specialise in creating structures so shareholders do not have to disclose their ownership of other companies for commercial reasons, and to assist clients in keeping their affairs private and to prevent unwarranted intrusion, we provide the following core services:



We are able to provide professional directors to act on the instructions of clients. It is important to understand that our directors' liabilities are exactly the same as those of any other director. When we are asked to provide directors, we need to know exactly what sort of business the company is undertaking and to monitor and control its activities on a day-to-day basis. In many countries’ directors have to be real people - individuals like you, however in many offshore centres, corporate directors are permitted.  


For clients seeking privacy in their affairs we provide a "shareholders service". We have formed third party companies in many jurisdictions around the world and their sole purpose is to hold shares on behalf of clients. To protect our clients interest, the third-party companies enter into a contract known as a "declaration of trust" with the owners of the company that prevents the third-party company from acting without instructions from the owners. We also provide Personal Directors.

Company Secretary

In most common-law jurisdictions, a company secretary is required. This person is responsible for maintaining the statutory books of a company and filing annual returns. In some jurisdictions, corporate company secretaries may be corporate bodies whilst in others company secretaries must possess qualifications and be resident in the country of incorporation.

Banking Management Services  

Having a third-party director as a bank account signatory amounts to "full company management" and is actually the most proper and most confidential form of arranging the affairs of an offshore company - while, certainly, simpler arrangements exist and are sometimes preferred.

The majority of our clients request us to provide account signatories to their corporate bank accounts. Europe Emirates provides professional corporate solutions and advice to businesses seeking to trade and invest beyond their own national borders. We offer sophisticated international corporate structuring and arrange superior banking services to meet the demands of international businesses and entrepreneurs.

We have developed a reputation for providing a diverse and attractive range of international tax planning, investment holding and trading structures. Our solutions are bespoke according to each client’s specifics needs and will be delivered by trusted strategic specialist advisors offering responsive, commercial and pragmatic advice by providing timely, cost effective, commercially focused services.

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