Tourism in Dubai Heating Up with Approaching World Cup

Every four years football fans across the globe gather in one privileged location to celebrate the FIFA World Cup. And for the first time in its history, the Middle East will be hosting this highly anticipated event in Doha, Qatar. However, the entire region is set to benefit from this event, thanks to the droves of tourists taking advantage of the tournament to visit other countries in the region. 

Bordering the UAE, Qatar is a small nation that has been working to build the appropriate infrastructure to host such a massive event. But because of Dubai’s highly developed economy, short travel time to Doha and wide range of hotel accommodations, some teams have chosen Dubai as their home base; many tourists are sure to do the same. 

dubai world cup

Why Choose Dubai? 

There are a number of reasons that athletes and fans alike might choose to stay in Dubai or visit before or after the tournament: 

  • Qatar has a limited number of hotels and the rush to book them has led to steep prices. Dubai’s wide range of hotels offers a more attractive proposal. 

  • The hour-long flight from Dubai to Doha will be offered at least 30 times a day and shuttle services will provide another option. 

  • Although other countries in the Middle East will offer cheaper accommodations and more flexible laws, Dubai is the only city already established as a major tourism destination. 

#1 in Foreign Tourism 

With hotel reservations up 40% from during the pandemic, in recent years Dubai has focused on diversifying their economy away from oil; foreign tourism brought $1.7 B into the country in 2021. And because World Cup tickets are extremely expensive and Qatar is a far away destination for many fans, Dubai is positioning itself as the perfect trip for before or after a match. 

impacts of tourism in dubai

But the hotel industry isn’t the only one expected to benefit greatly from the upcoming football event. As more and more tourists visit the city, the UAE will witness two main benefits: 

  1. The world will begin to see the UAE and the Middle East itself as a quality destination, pushing more and more visitors to come even after the tournament concludes. 

  2. More people means increased spending; it’s not just hotels and airlines that will reap benefits. Small businesses will also see increased sales from the high number of tourists, both during the competition and after it ends. 

Dubai has long been a high-quality destination in the Middle East and now’s the time to take advantage of that. Whether you’re coming to the region for the World Cup or just a visit, make sure to choose Dubai

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Adrian Oton

Adrian Oton
CEO, Europe Emirates Group

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