Supporting Dubai’s New Generation of Female Business Owners

Empowerment, entrepreneurship and growth...Holding two thirds of public sector posts in the UAE and almost a third of senior decision making positions in the government sector, the changing role of women in Dubai mirrors the Emirate’s explosive growth in recent decades. Turning popular misconception on its head, Dubai is at the global forefront of female empowerment and entrepreneurship in the business sector.

As one of Dubai’s leading specialists in assisting offshore start-ups and new FDI business ventures, Europe Emirates Group (EEG) is perfectly placed to support female entrepreneurs looking to set up a new business in the Emirate. In keeping with Dubai SME’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs and business leaders, Europe Emirates Group are offering a wealth of local knowledge and financial, legal and regulatory expertise to a new wave of female business owners seeking to benefit from Dubai’s benign tax regime and business-friendly landscape.

Equality and empowerment

Assigning a dedicated, single point of contact to all new clients, Europe Emirates Group are passionate about equality and empowerment. With numerous highly experienced female business consultants in the EEG team, women entrepreneurs are assured of a unwaveringly supportive and female perspective on incorporating a new venture in Dubai. This extends not only to the legal and financial considerations of setting up a new business in the Emirate, but also the vast networking opportunities that exist in Dubai, an increasing number of which focus on the growing influence and status of female entrepreneurs.

Commercial and lifestyle benefits

As a location, Dubai offers professional women and female entrepreneurs a perfect blend of commercial and lifestyle benefits. The exemplar of a modern, forward-thinking metropolis, Dubai is a safe, inclusive and welcoming place in which to live and work. For women seeking to balance family life with business objectives, the Emirate offers exceptional support systems and childcare facilities that are flexible enough to accommodate the demanding schedules of entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages of setting up a new venture. Through their extensive network of contacts, Europe Emirates Group can support female business owners by connecting them with all the services they require - not only at the outset, but as their enterprise grows and their needs change.

Tailored business support for female entrepreneurs

Just as Dubai is leading the way in equality and empowerment on the global business stage, Europe Emirates Group are setting new standards in providing tailored business support to budding female entrepreneurs looking to realise their ambitions in the UAE.


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