Your Questions About the Ajman Media City Free Zone Answered

Are you interested in the options for establishing companies in Ajman? There’s a new Ajman free zone business setup option in the form of the Ajman Media City Free Zone. As experts in company formation in free zones across the United Arab Emirates, we strive to research all the available free trade zones to ensure you’re in the right one for your enterprise. Why should you set up in the Ajman Media City Free Zone? We’ll answer all your questions.


ajman media city free zone


First, what is Ajman?

While Ajman is the smallest of the Emirates at 260 square kilometres, it is one of the most progressive of the seven Emirates in the UAE. Its Gulf coastal location means that it offers firms access to a bustling port and is a few minutes’ drive from two major international airports in Dubai and Sharjah. More than 90% of the population is in Ajman City, and with its population at 500,000 and growing, it is an increasingly attractive area to establish your enterprise. Along with Ajman City, the Emirate has jurisdiction over the islands of Al Manama and Masfout. 

What types of companies and entities are ideal for Ajman Free Zone business setup? 

There are more than 40 free zones throughout the United Arab Emirates, and every free zone caters to specific industries as each one lets you apply for a set number of activity licenses. In the case of the Ajman Media City Free Zone, it caters to companies in the media, as well as creative industries as it looks to position itself in the media free zone space in the UAE. If you’re working in this area and wish to set up operations in the UAE, this free zone is undoubtedly appealing. 

When it comes to licenses, there are three categories you can choose. One would be for permits that cover commercial activities defined as up to five similar services destined for imports and exports. Service activities that cover up to five related activities for service providers. You can also apply for licenses that are for a mixture of service and commercial activities. The Free Zone stipulates that you can do this if the activities in both categories are related to a specific industry under one enterprise. An example would be grouping IT consulting, computer software trading and Web Design licenses under one business in the Free Zone. 


As for entities, you can set up the following:

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)- a company with one owner
  • Free Zone Company (FZC)- a company with more than one proprietor
  • Branch of a Foreign Company (BFC)
  • A subsidiary of a foreign company
  • A branch of a local company

Each tiered package in the Free Zone entitles the company to office space and specific visa rights. The higher-tiered packages grant you a higher number of privileges and work visas. 


What are the benefits of setting up a business in the Ajman Media City Free Zone?

As with the other Free Zones in the UAE, certain advantages are stemming from this Free Zone that you will find in others. They include 100% ownership of your enterprise, total repatriation of your profits and capital, and not being subject to personal or corporate income taxes. What makes this Free Zone stand out?

First, it’s the most cost-effective option in the Emirates, as their business setup packages start at AED 8,500, or about £1,773. Plus, one licence covers multiple business activities, while in other Free Zones, you have to apply for various licences to cover each specific activity you’re looking to carry out. Once you complete the fast, straightforward registration process online, you will receive your licence within 24 hours. 

The other fantastic perk of this free trade zone is that this free zone affords you the option of establishing your enterprise without having to issue a visa. However, you must note that the most affordable package, the Business Club Package, does not grant you the right to apply for and receive a UAE visa. 


What if you’re not a media company but still want to set up a business in a Free Zone in Ajman?

If you’re looking to set up in an enterprise in Ajman, business setup in the Ajman Free Zone is another option that can meet your requirements. Run by the Ajman Free Zone Authority, it is directly across from the Ajman Port, making it an excellent choice for those firms involved in imports and exports. It also has a strong specialisation in industrial activities, as you can choose from land for industrial investing, executive office facilities, smart offices or warehousing facilities inside the Free Zone. 

As UAE Free Zone business setup experts, Europe Emirates Group can guide you through the entire process. We’ll ensure your company formation procedures meet the Ajman government requirements and you can successfully apply for a visa based on your application to the free zone. Begin your process today. 


Written by

Mohammed Azmat

Mohammed Azmat Ali Khan
Corporate Services, Europe Emirates Group


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