Dubai’s New Visa Programme 2022

There are many factors that set Dubai apart from other emerging cities, but their dedication to attracting new talent and creating foreigner-friendly policies is a clear advantage. Beginning on 3 October 2022, the UAE government announced a new visa programme, introducing 10 options for visas. In this article, we’ll break down the different types of visas.

As mentioned by the UAE’s official Twitter account, this visa programme is a:

“step that supports the country’s competitiveness in the tourism, economic and educational sectors.”

dubai visa new rules 2022In addition to providing more opportunities for people looking to come to the UAE for a variety of reasons, the new Dubai visa rules offer more options for foreigners currently residing in the country. The benefits of the new visas include: 


  • No host or sponsor required
  • More flexibility
  • Multi-entry
  • 60 day validity
  • Unified application platform

The ten new visa types are as follows: 

1. Tourism

This new visa is sponsored by a tourism company and lasts for 5 years; it also doesn’t require a host nor sponsor. 

2. Visit Relatives or Friends

It’s now possible to plan a trip to the UAE to visit family or friends without a host or sponsor. 

3. Temporary Work Mission 

Enter the UAE on temporary projects or probationary periods. 

4. Explore Job Opportunities 

This visa provides easy entry for young talents looking to explore job opportunities within the UAE without previously receiving a job offer.  

5. Explore Business Opportunities 

Similar to the job opportunity visa, this visa option provides investors and business professionals with the option to enter the UAE to explore opportunities. 

6. Medical Treatment

This visa provides access for those receiving medical treatment in the UAE.

7. Study or Training 

This visa is sponsored by educational institutions or public and private entities for training or internship programmes. 

8. Diplomatic Affairs

For holders of diplomatic and UN passports. 

9. Emergency

This visa is for transit, sailors, flight crews and medical and flight emergencies.

10. GCC Residents 

This visa is for residents and companions of GCC countries. 

dubai tourist visa rules

New Visa Rules Dubai 2022 - Why is it important? 

A clear indicator of economic growth and future success is the amount of foreign talent and investment attracted to an area. And that’s exactly what Dubai is hoping to achieve with its new visa scheme, released on 3 October 2022. 

At Europe Emirates Group, we know that finding a foreigner-friendly and economically-attractive country is key. We’re here to help you achieve exactly what you need in the UAE; contact us today.

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