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Finding the perfect offshore business consultant can be a challenge, as there are a wealth of details to explore in finding your ideal partner. Fortunately, we at Europe Emirates Group have decided to take the guesswork out of it for you to explain why our offshore consulting company is the perfect choice for mastering global business in Dubai and more than 60 jurisdictions around the world.


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Our offshore consulting group expertise

In today’s globalised world, international expansion is on every corporate horizon. That’s why we combine our storied track record and expertise in Dubai and more than 60 other countries worldwide to ensure you pursue the optimal offshore business outcome that meets your business goals.

We not only service large organisations: we also offer services to SMEs, startups and individual entrepreneurs, along with our specialised practice for high net-worth individuals (HNWIs). Regardless of your aim for offshoring, we’ll help you get there.  
That expertise has a significant niche in the company formation area. We will not only help you set up an offshore enterprise but will keep you up-to-date on regulatory changes that could lead to pivotal implications for your entity after you launch.



Full legal compliance is one of the hallmarks of all our service offerings, not just our offshore consulting services. Why is legal compliance so crucial in the offshore spectrum? That’s because as countries seek to crack down on illicit business dealings, it’s fundamental that all your offshore financial and corporate solutions meet legal standards. As long as you declare any offshore entity, it’s legal. All our offshore solutions meet these standards, and we’ll help you ensure you follow the full letter of the law. 


A thorough process on how to register an offshore company

Whether you’re looking to set up an offshore company in Dubai or in any of the other jurisdictions where we provide these services, our team will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages associated with offshore company formation. There are several factors you must consider, and first and foremost is the destination you’re choosing to set up your entity. 

While each offshore jurisdiction offers a set of tax and financial benefits, there are caveats. If you want the power to operate your offshore business in the host country, you’ll want to set up in Panama; however, most of the free zones Dubai will not let you operate on the mainland. 

You’ll also have to analyse the corporate structure that makes the most sense for your corporate interests. You may choose to opt for an International Business Corporation (IBC) or an offshore limited liability corporation (LLC). Perhaps you might find that a trust or offshore foundation may better suit your needs. If you’re unsure of what works best for you, our team of offshore company formation experts will examine your company and come up with the most optimal solution, all while keeping everything compliant with the relevant legal frameworks. 

A global team with the international know-how

One of the most crucial factors for success in this industry is fostering client relationships and having the linguistic and cultural skills to make it happen. Our highly-qualified team of offshore business consultants not only has the technical skills to make your offshore and global business processes go smoothly but has the soft skills that will cross them over the finish line. They will provide the due-diligence, legal and business acumen and interpersonal skills to cultivate bonds that only globalisation can forge. 

Would you like to get started on your offshore business journey and master global business? Don’t hesitate to contact our offshore business team at Europe Emirates Group and begin your offshoring journey today. 


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Rowena M. Aggabao

Rowena M. Aggabao
Team Leader- International Corporate Services Division 

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