Do Dubai Corporate Services Providers Only Sell a Company Licence?

corporate services meaningAs you look to start your journey towards company formation in Dubai or another jurisdiction, you might be asking this: do corporate service providers only sell a company licence? The answer is that your journey towards business setup in the UAE or any other jurisdiction does not begin and end with the application and approval of your company licence. So, what else do corporate service providers do? We’re going to tackle this question while going into more detail about our service offerings.


The meaning of a corporate services provider

Corporate services encompass a plethora of administrative and operational activities that are essential for an enterprise to run smoothly. They can cover areas such as accounting and financial services, legal matters, issues about human resources, information technology services and other services involved in operating an enterprise. 

In the context of Europe Emirates Group, as a Dubai-based corporate services provider, we facilitate business setup in the UAE and other reputable low-tax and offshore jurisdictions all over the world. Our business approach rooted from our offices in Dubai and our global network of partnered offices offers corporate services covers all areas surrounding corporate structure that stem beyond securing your trade names and pre-approvals when applying for the licence. We will advise you on what option best suits your business goals, whether it is finding the right Free Zone in the UAE for your sector or require setting up a local partnership to form a Mainland company.  


The value-added services along with the company licence

With that in mind, what else can a corporate services provider give you in a one-stop-shop rather than doing it yourself? Setting up a company in a new market involves much more than securing your licence and setting off to the races. Perhaps you’re looking for a path towards residency in Dubai for you, or family members and employees. How about office space? Corporate service providers can advise you on the appropriate location for your head office.

How about with your tax and banking obligations? A corporate services provider like us can take care of walking you through the pertinent regulations that cover your case. If you need to open a bank account in your new jurisdiction and comply with financial reporting requirements such as CRS or FATCA, we can prepare those statements. We will do so while optimising your tax burden across all jurisdictions. 

How about legacy planning? If you need a will or a Power of Attorney to represent your interests, corporate services providers will often have attorneys on staff to facilitate these documents. In our case, we can work on getting your wishes recognised in Dubai through the DIFC Wills Centre and store your documents in a secure location. As for a Power of Attorney, we offer this through the Dubai courts. 

In summary, along with our company formation services in our variety of UAE and offshore jurisdictions, Europe Emirates Group offers the following additional services:

  • Company Renewal

  • Banking Introduction & Assistance

  • Virtual Office

  • UAE Economic Substance Reporting

  • Power of Attorney Services

  • Accounting and Auditing Services

  • Company Liquidation Services

  • Tax Residency Services

  • Will & Business Continuation Services


Are you convinced in the power of working with a corporate services provider?

As a reputable corporate services provider, the team at Europe Emirates Group can guide you through every step of your company formation journey. Our relationship with our clients does not end at launch; we continuously send you updates about regulatory changes that could impact your business and will collaborate with you to make adjustments as needed. If you would like to begin your company formation process, we invite you to contact us today. 

Written by
Adrian Oton
Adrian Oton
CEO, Europe Emirates Group ​​​​​​​

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