Is an Offshore Company the Right Choice for Your Business?

Setting up an offshore company in the UAE has a lot of advantages. Although some misconceptions are shrouding this company set up method, offshore companies are a great way to utilize the great financial flexibility offered by the regional government to take your business forward.  In this blog, we will discuss the many benefits of setting up an offshore company


Reasons to set up an offshore company

The world has varied opinions about offshore company formation. But, the truth is offshore entities are an excellent way to ensure excellent tax benefits, guaranteed privacy of your assets and maintain 100% ownership. An offshore company setup can help you run your business in the UAE, or help to operate an offshore subsidiary firm, with the mother company in a different country.

And for this reason, offshore companies are very attractive to foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their business overseas. Setting up an offshore company will also limit the liability of the shareholders in the main organization. This technique is often utilized as a way to ensure asset protection.

For instance, an LLC can offer asset protection from unethical lawsuits, keeping your firm from being vulnerable to attacks from the company’s country of origin. Business owners also consider setting up an offshore company as part of investment/asset diversification. 


Why consider UAE?

The UAE business ecosystem can provide high-yields for your offshore business. The country’s business laws and regulations are quite encouraging and welcoming towards foreign direct investments. The FDI lenient policies not only provide lower tax rates but longer visa and residency terms. 

For instance, the UAE government recently passed the law for extending JAFZA visas for overseas investors, entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals. These 5 and 10-year visas will be highly beneficial for investors and business owners interested in setting up offshore companies in Dubai, as JAFZA is one of the most sought out regions within the UAE that allow foreign entities to register offshore companies. 

Apart from these, the socio-political stability, global market connectivity, efficient banking systems and state-of-the-art communication systems can also positively impact offshore company formation. Setting up an offshore company in the UAE ensures 100% foreign ownership along with complete operational freedom. Offshore companies are also allowed to purchase real estate within approved areas without compromising your privacy.  To set up an offshore company in the UAE, it is best to consult with expert business consultants in the country. 


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