Forewarned Is Forearmed – Smarter Startups in Dubai

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are well aware that Dubai offers a near-perfect commercial environment. Negligible government interference, minimal or zero taxation, a fabulous infrastructure and living standards, and huge incentives for incoming foreign investment… so where’s the catch?

Put simply, the most significant pitfalls that await the unwary newcomer to Dubai are not so much the risks as the missed opportunities. Even without optimising its corporate structure and tax status, a business can thrive in Dubai’s benevolent conditions. However, in the longer run, it can find itself handicapped by a legacy of fiscal headwinds and the lasting after-effects of a sub-optimum corporate structure – both potentially severe impediments to long term profitability.

Getting it right first time

Based in Dubai and experts in FDI and the formation of international corporations, Europe Emirates Group (EEG) offer the expertise to make sure you get it right first time with your startup in the UAE. Headquartered in Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers, EEG can hand-hold new ventures in Dubai through every step of the startup process – from business and marketing plans and financial projections through to registration of the business. It is in this latter aspect that well-informed key decisions can be made to maximise the benefits derived from Dubai’s benign business landscape… the advantages and perks are there to be taken, but it takes an informed perspective to ensure that your startup is fully optimised from a tax and regulatory perspective. Forearmed is forewarned – thorough preparation and groundwork at the outset could save you ruing significant missed opportunities further down the line. Well versed not only in the entire startup process but also in Dubai’s labyrinthine tax landscape, EEG can draw up a personalised action plan that’s tailored precisely to your business and your long term aspirations.

Conquering the bureaucratic mountain

Quite apart from negotiating the regulatory and fiscal considerations, embarking on a new startup in Dubai entails a huge amount of paperwork. Again, there is no substitute for experience – assigning you with a dedicated point of contact from the word go, EEG will help handle the red tape and bureaucratic mountain that awaits newcomers to business in Dubai. In it for the long term rather than a quick win, Europe Emirates Group actively seek to nurture lasting relationships with each and every one of their clients – a mutually beneficial process that will almost certainly see your business adviser become more of a trusted friend as the years go by. As a location, Dubai offers new startups a huge array of business advantages. Add one more by enlisting the support and guidance of Europe Emirates Group.


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