Ensuring Substance Of Operations

In a changing regulatory environment, it’s vital that businesses are able to stay compliant in the face of evolving economic substance rules.

The UAE offers the ultimate destination for any business to locate their business functions in order to benefit from significant tax savings. With the weight of International government regulation falling on businesses to prove real economic substance, the UAE’s extremely business friendly environment makes it the ultimate destination for foreign incorporation. Whilst the impact of the OECD’s double tax treaties is a global one, the UAE benefits from some of the most efficient tax treaties and offers potentially unmatched tax savings.

It’s always vital that any investor or owner puts in place the necessary steps to ensure that their companies have in place proper supporting documentation that will contribute to ensuring a highly efficient tax business structure for greater profits and this is a really simple matter; as an entry point we recommend having the following in place.


  • Timely Licence & Company Renewal
  • Certificate of Good Standing – In registries where this applies
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Yearly Audited Accounts
  • Company Tax Residency Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance / by the Registry where this applies
  • Personal Tax residency Certificates – for these with Residency in place  by the Ministry of Finance

Should you have any questions of would like more information on the above please let me know so that we may allocate a specialist consultant that will review your file and advise as necessary.


UAE Setup Guide

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