Trust in a Company With Renown Like Europe Emirates Group

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Now more than ever, it’s essential to trust in a company with renown when carrying out your next venture in a new market like Europe Emirates Group. What about our approach to business makes us a firm you can trust? With over 15 years of operations and a long-established track record, EEG’s way of doing business continues to grow the trust and renown you’ll need in navigating the company formation process. 


What are some indicators that a company is one you can trust? 

When you have a look at the dozens of reviews our clients have left us on Trustpilot, some words tend to come up frequently: professional, very good service, excellent service, speed, and one that is critical in our sector, trustworthy. The way we have managed to achieve, and continue to attain this same level of performance time and time again is through our approach. Our pillars to excellence are:

An Emphasis on Compliance

One of the most frequently asked questions about offshore companies is whether they are legal. As we’ve detailed in our analysis of the offshore business model, it’s legal as long as you declare it. As legislation is changing continuously, we keep abreast of the latest developments that can cause changes to your structures. With our help, you can rest assured that you will always be compliant.

Additionally, in case we detect a need for a modification, we’ll help with that. How does this process work? In the context of the UAE, the authorities enacted Economic Substance legislation in spring 2019, and we have continually strived to ensure that all current and newly-onboarded clients form and modify their structures to remain compliant with the rules and regulations imposed. This pursuit is an essential part of our commitment to compliance and staying updated on knowledge and insights in our sector. 


Expert Knowledge

Whether you’re a large multinational corporation or a sole entrepreneur, our team has the insight to offer you the optimal solution that best suits your needs. No case for changing your corporate jurisdiction, opening an offshore bank account or relocating your family to another country is equal. As a result, our consultants work on acquiring all of the contextual details necessary to make the appropriate recommendation right from the get-go. 

Our company formation services cover every single detail, from the initial establishment of the entity to acquiring pertinent licences, work and residence visas, and bank accounts. Plus, should you need Corporate Management or Virtual Office services, we have a variety of packages out of our Dubai head office that can meet your varying needs. 


Local Knowledge

While Dubai serves as our headquarters, we offer company formation, as well as legal and financial consultancy services and cross-border transactional advice to entities and individuals looking to incorporate in more than 60 low-tax and tax-free business jurisdictions around the world. 

What does this afford you? We can advise you on potential jurisdiction options. Once you decide on where’s the best place to establish your entity, we couple our technical expertise with the socio-cultural and linguistic nuances you’ll need to complete necessary procedures to get all your documents in order. A firm with trust in the industry can serve as an indispensable resource and tremendous ally rather than trying to go at it alone. 


Ready to see Europe Emirates Group as a company with renown in action?

If you’re interested in learning about any of our company formation options in the UAE or any of our other jurisdictions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert consultants. The Dubai authorities have now given us the all-clear to welcome you in our offices if you happen to be in Dubai, and if you are abroad, we can schedule a virtual consultation. Contact us today. 





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