Benefits of Working With a 360° Dubai Corporate Services Provider

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As you seek to start your own company in Dubai, having the right partners to navigate the landscape is essential. So, what are the benefits of working with a 360° corporate services provider in Dubai like Europe Emirates Group? We’ll go over the convenience that comes with using a licenced company services provider that meets every need going into company formation.


Satisfy all regulatory requirements in all stages of the business lifecycle

We’ve long stated that company formation doesn’t end with acquiring your initial company licence in Dubai. Conditions in the business world change rapidly, and your solution must also have that same ability to make adjustments. With that in mind, our business approach considers conditions before and after you start your own company, and we remain in continuous contact with our clients as the need to adapt arises. 

Take the recent additions to the company registers in the UAE. While Emirati-based enterprises used to only have to keep a Shareholders’ Register, they all must also have a Beneficial Owners’ Register and a Nominee Directors’ Register available. Once we became aware of the new requirements, we updated our client roster on these developments. We worked with them to make sure they could get started preparing these new regulatory requirements the authorities expect them to satisfy.

Another example is the changes to the Economic Substance Regulations that we’ve frequently discussed. As the UAE adjusted its legal framework to remain in the good graces of international financial regulators, we kept abreast of the developments and prepared articles going into depth about the concept. We also started offering ESR statement services for all our clients who needed them along with their annual accounts and tax declarations. 


360° managed services in-house

Isn’t it always better to work with the largest corporate services provider that offers everything you might need for optimal company formation? We believe that’s in your best interest, and with that in mind, our team includes experts from areas across the spectrum. Whether you need an auditor, attorney, operations or general Business Development specialist, our suite of services as a corporate services provider covers the full range.

Plus, as many of our clients are also navigating a move to a new place on top of establishing a corporate entity, we offer residency and relocation services that ensure your living situation aligns with your enterprise goals. That allows us to make your relocation to the UAE or your chosen jurisdiction for you and your employees as seamless as possible. 

Need help opening a bank account? We not only can advise you on the financial institution that works best for you but also on making the appropriate introductions to open the account of your choice. Need virtual office services or a coworking space you can use when you need it? We offer a plethora of packages for that as well. This comprehensive service offering allows us to serve our clients from a one-stop-shop instead of having to vet numerous vendors.


Finally, 360° consulting services along with your company licence

What happens if you only have that you want to start your own company clear and need some advice on the details to make it happen? A corporate services provider of Europe Emirates Group’s calibre and comprehensive service offerings can work with you to build out your full business plan that passes muster with the authorities. 

With so many options available for company formation in Dubai and the UAE, whether they be Free Zones or Mainland, one of the benefits of working with a provider like us is that our consulting services will make the selection of the proper jurisdiction easier for you. Instead of covering one specific jurisdiction, we have insights into them all, making it even easier to navigate the bureaucracy and having all options on the table. The same goes if you’re seeking to establish yourself in another of our partner jurisdictions. 

Now that you’ve seen the perks of collaborating with a full-suite corporate services provider, are you ready to discover the advantages of company formation with Europe Emirates Group? We invite you to schedule your initial consultation with our team of corporate services experts today. 



Written by
Adrian Oton
Adrian Oton
CEO, Europe Emirates Group 

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